About Me

Several years ago I was chatting with my friend about the general idea of solipsism.  If you are unaware of this particular belief, and I do believe it is a belief rather than a philosophical stand point, then basically it is the belief that you are God.  You construct the world and universe around you, everything is your creation including what you are reading here.  No thing and no one could or would exist if it wasn’t for you.

We bandied this back and forth between us for a good hour or so.  About which of us was real and who was God.  In conclusion Dan, my friend, is a cunt.  He told me to say that, and this only affirms his conclusion.  That he is God and I am nothing more than his meat puppet.

However as a construction, not solely me but all of this reality, this universe, of his there is a power which is exerted back upon him.  He needs me or else he wouldn’t have made me and so it goes for the rest of his world and this universe.  If you are indeed God and all that you perceive with all your senses was created by yourself then you need this, all of it, why else create it?  Much like Narcissus staring into the pool and at his own reflection all the while starving to death, you have created the pool and the reflection and the light that allows it and the actual sun that created that light, you made it all, of it, every last damn atom of the universe.  That’s quite a lot.  And just like Narcissus you will die staring at that, at your own creation because you cannot stop looking at your own reflection and the universe is a reflection of yourself, especially if you are observing it and definitely if you are the one that created it.

Anything we observe we only decode or understand from our standpoint, we can’t no matter how empathetic we are, see anything from any other persons point of view and this creation is an expression of the self.  We or maybe rather the universe has the power of death over God which is ourselves, or rather Me.  So Dan and I came to an impasse.  He still affirms that he is the creator of all but accepts that I can now kill him through his narcissism.  Tempting.

He obviously did not like this but had to acquiesce.  He had to accept (he didn’t accept or acquiesce that at all and still sees this as a contentious issue but tough, he’s not writing this bit of reality) that his creation had the power to keep him in enthralled and therefore trapped, incarcerated with a death penalty.

Now I’m sure you are at this point wondering what the hell?  This isn’t a biography of the author of this blog and you’re right, soz you’ve been duped.  The upshot is that we came to an idea for a cult, naughty I know.  The cult of Me.  Don’t worry I’m not asking you to join, yet.  In a way Me is just an extension of solipsism.  The only thing that we can really believe in is what we perceive, what our senses tell us.  Anyone else’s perspective is skewed through their reality and therefore cannot be wholly trusted or believed to be real.  Only what we see, as an individual, is real.  It is after all the reality we have constructed, and not theirs to interpret and miscommunicate back to Me like a confused and demented parrot.

Unlike solipsism Me allows that there can be a you, just not a You to believe in. Your reality is unreal to Me.  Not to me though, I have empathy and can accept that we share this reality as random beings who have spontaneously been created and will just as spontaneously pop out of existence.  So it goes.  However Me is an abstract concept much like all religions, except it isn’t as rich and powerful or all that charismatic, so far.  That’ll do for now, that’s part one.



Oh and it’s easy to join.  Look in the mirror and say (internally or externally, it doesn’t matter) “Don’t believe in you, believe in Me.  Believe in Me”.  Simple.  Oh and something about giving us all your liquidated assets so that the word of Me will be allowed to propagate.  Thanks : )


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